Taoyo Suites, a safe space during the COVID 19 pandemic

We provide our guests with all the necessary means to ensure the most protective measures against COVID-19.

The Suite is disinfected before the arrival of every guest. There is also a 72 hour gap between guests’ check-out and check-in to guarantee full disinfection.

Upon arrival, you can open the main door by simply using the passcode that you will receive by email, and check-in in an automated way. This allows you to avoid contact with other people and ensures full autonomy from the very first moment of your stay.

All common areas the guests pass through on their way to the Suite are sanitised several times a day by our cleaning staff. Gloves and hand sanitisers are located in these common facilities and their use is mandatory.

At the entrance of the Suite, you will find a coat rack you can use to store your streetwear and a waste bin for your single-use protective items.

All Suites face outward and have several windows, enabling natural ventilation without needing to use the air conditioning unit. However, the air conditioning system consists of individual supply air ducts for every Suite.