Taoyo Suites

Enjoy your stay in an emblematic, intimate, and exclusive residence in the Vegueta-Triana historic district, the original heart of the “ever-modern” city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The building’s imposing rationalist architecture dates back to 1930. Built on a historic 19th-century site, it is the work of Miguel Martín-Fernández de la Torre (1895-1980), perhaps the most influential architect and urban planner in the city’s history and a prominent figure in Spanish rationalism.

This monumental building is one of the great examples of the avant-garde rationalist movement that took off globally after World War I. Its arrival in the Canary Islands coincided with the creation of the city’s ports and the emergence of a new bourgeois that saw Europe as a model of modernity.

Nine decades later, in 2020, Taoyo Suites is the result of an exquisite restoration project that sought to refurbish a historic architectural jewel while developing an innovative hotel concept of superior quality in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Triana.




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“Perhaps the word that best represents the sprit of our work on this building is “service.” First, the project provided a service to the city by restoring a magnificent façade designed by the architect Miguel Martín-Fernández de la Torre. At the same time, it was a thoughtful, balanced, and harmonic interior renovation in pursuit of the simple comfort that residential use requires while respecting and serving that same façade, which became the driving force behind the entire project.

George Chabot said that cities are entities that build themselves and in which all the elements converge to form “l’âme de la cite.” Through this project, I think we have helped restore part of that soul and promote the conservation of the city’s architectural heritage”.

Joan F. Verger Ginard