Taoyo Suites

Enjoy your stay in an emblematic, intimate, and exclusive residence in the Vegueta-Triana historic district, the original heart of the “ever-modern” city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The building’s imposing rationalist architecture dates back to 1930. Built on a historic 19th-century site, it is the work of Miguel Martín-Fernández de la Torre (1895-1980), perhaps the most influential architect and urban planner in the city’s history and a prominent figure in Spanish rationalism.

This monumental building is one of the great examples of the avant-garde rationalist movement that took off globally after World War I. Its arrival in the Canary Islands coincided with the creation of the city’s ports and the emergence of a new bourgeois that saw Europe as a model of modernity.

Nine decades later, in 2020, Taoyo Suites is the result of an exquisite restoration project that sought to refurbish a historic architectural jewel while developing an innovative hotel concept of superior quality in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Triana.